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ARMATURE offers the next generation of quality management software. They build a solution for your organization that is flexible and configurable so you can mold the software to fit your existing quality workflows with no programming required. ARMATURE Fabric™ consolidates, visualizes, and analyzes your organization’s quality data via real-time dashboards and easy-to-use reporting tools.


ARMATURE offers a workflow management platform to support your organization along the full spectrum of standards: those that develop them, those that enforce them, and those that apply them to create exceptional products and services.

  • Accreditation and Certification Software: Plug in your accreditation process to manage workflow, track progress, and automate alerts—from one convenient online place.
  • Quality Management Software: Processes are dynamic—you make changes over time to gain efficiencies and manage risk for your organization. That’s why ARMATURE’s configurable solution works so well in the quality management space: you can modify the software as needed to fit your process as it changes and matures.
  • Audit Management Software: ARMATURE’s configurable audit management solution collects the compliance evidence that matters to you and feeds those findings into our closed-loop system to identify issues and trigger corrective actions, assign risk ratings, propel process improvement, and track the performance of your internal staff, external stakeholders, and suppliers.