The EDB Postgres platform is an enterprise-class data management platform based on PostgreSQL. The platform is optimized to operate Postgres at scale with flexible deployment options. Our platform integrates the core EDB Postgres DBMS with adjacent technologies for hybrid cloud management, data integration, and data warehouse. We offer the highest performing, most flexible, and cost-effective data management platform available.


EnterpriseDB has received Authority to Operate (ATO) on NIPR, SIPR, JWICS, and other government networks from various government agencies including DISA, Army, Air Force, MDA, Navy, Marine Corps and Intelligence Communities. To facilitate the accreditation of these deployments, EnterpriseDB has created a DISA STIG to help secure EDB deployments.

  • EDB Postgres Advanced Server
  • Postgres Enterprise Manager
  • EDB Replication Server
  • EDB Failover Manager
  • EDB Backup and Recovery Tool
  • EDB Postgres Data Adapters
  • EDB Migration Toolkit
  • EDB Postgres Ark
  • EDB Cloud Database Service