Guidance Software—now known as OpenText—is the most trusted endpoint detection and response software. Our forensic security solutions equip organizations with the resources they need to conduct digital investigations on premise or in the cloud. EnCase solves for your cybersecurity, e-discovery, and digital investigations challenges.


Proven in the courtroom and trusted in the boardroom, Guidance provides smart and dependable solutions to problems that often go undetected or unsolved on the endpoint. We know how to get a business back on track fast so you can restore order and feel confident. Guidance solutions let you readily establish visibility to all your data, regardless of where and how it's stored. See what matters on each and every network endpoint and in every data store in your organization, then transform that critical data into intelligence that fuels more effective security, risk and compliance, legal, and internal investigations.

  • EnForce Risk Manager – The only automated solution to proactively identify, categorize, and remediate sensitive data

  • EnCase Endpoint Security – Defend your organization with Real-Time Incident Response and Sensitive Data Discovery

  • EnCase eDiscovery – Reduce legal risk and cost with a unified, scalable, defensible, and repeatable solution

  • EnCase Forensic – Conduct swift and powerful digital investigations using a forensically sound and defensible process

  • EnCase Endpoint Investigator – The most powerful and easiest-to-use remote investigation solution available

  • EnCase Mobile Investigator – Intuitively review, bookmark, and report on evidence from the widest variety of mobile devices