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Hazelcast is the leading in-memory computing platform that enables organizations to leverage a highly resilient and elastic memory resource for data at rest and in motion. Their technology is behind many of today’s leading financial, e-commerce/retail, telecommunications, healthcare and government organizations. Whether it is real-time inventory and shipping information, lighting quick fraud detection or gleaning insights that lead to product innovation, Hazelcast enables companies to achieve success in microseconds.


The Hazelcast In-Memory Computing Platform is a continuous data processing distributed technology, uniquely designed to allow you to gain insight faster, enable actions within shorter durations, and engage new data at the speed with which it is arriving.

  • Real-Time Event Processing
  • Scale and Flexibility for Cloud-Native Development
  • Continuous Processing for Continuous Intelligence
  • Instant Response Times

    Hazelcast IMDG: The industries fastest, most scalable in-memory data grid, where speed, scalability, and continuous processing are the core requirements for deployment.

    Hazelcast Jet: An Application embeddable, distributed computing platform for fast processing of big data sets.