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Use Kong Enterprise to connect your development teams, partners and customers with a unified platform. Reduce latency to less than 1ms. Remove bloating with a plugin-based architecture and lightweight integrations. Scale clusters effortlessly, regardless of environment, vendor, configuration or deployment pattern. Kong Enterprise provides one platform for bare metal to cloud-native, monolith to microservices, mesh and beyond. .


  • Optimize Performance: Accelerate your applications. Achieve sub-millisecond latency for virtually all requests. Scale horizontally to demand

  • Streamline Development: Stop wasting time with redundant coding tasks, and start using plugins. Easily test deployments to reduce risk.

  • Increase Governance: Take ownership of your infrastructure. Proactively find and address issues in real-time. Increase compliance with internal and industry standards.

  • Future-proof Your Infrastructure: Eliminate lock-in and build with innovation in mind with Kong’s vendor-, deployment-, and technology-agnostic platform. Take advantage of a thriving open-source community.