Through years of industry experience, we know that technology manufacturers struggle to break into the government market, often going through several starts and stops as they run against significant barriers to entry. While navigating the market can be difficult, Vertosoft is uniquely positioned as an industry expert with a deep understanding of IT procurement processes.


We are transforming the way emerging technology manufacturers break into the government market by providing a multi-faceted sales approach that dramatically reduces barrier to entry and accelerates time to revenue. We offer Government Sales as a Service and Emerging Technology Aggregation solutions to help your team achieve their mission-critical objectives without a significant investment in people and infrastructure.


At Vertosoft, our team is uniquely positioned to serve as a virtual extension of your government sales team. Our team facilitates government infrastructure setup, contracts, marketing, demand creation, channel strategy, inside and outside sales activities, and business development. Once you achieve scalable growth, we then transition our operations and sales efforts back to the manufacturer to maintain and grow.

For emerging technology manufacturers that already have an established government market, we help manufacturers leverage specific capabilities to augment their existing government sales teams to accelerate revenue growth.


Most government software distributors do not have the proper resources to support emerging technology manufacturers. At Vertosoft, we support emerging technology manufacturers by providing a dedicated and experienced government sales team focused on developing and executing a government go-to-market strategy that includes:

  • Sales

    • Lead Generation

    • Call Campaigns

  • Marketing

    • Events and Conferences

    • Field Marketing

    • Government-focused Content Delivery

  • Contract Management

    • Government Terms and Conditions

    • Federal and State and Local Contract Vehicles

  • Channel Development

    • Partner Recruitment

    • Channel Programs

    • Government Partner Relationship Management