MyWorkDrive provides a software-only, on-premises solution for secure remote file access from anywhere for any device. Users gain access in minutes without Sync, VPN, RDP or migrating data. MyWorkDrive is for IT leaders looking for a cloud-like file sharing solution that has ransomware protection & DLP, facilitates data governance compliance (FIPS, HIPAA, FINRA, GDPR), enhances Office 365 real-time online collaboration, with a lower TCO. They give you easy, secure remote access to your organization’s files using your server storage with no security worries about your data being in the cloud or syncing down to remote computers.


MyWorkDrive allows secure file sharing without the risks of cloud storage or migrating files to unproven sync and share systems. In just minutes, you can activate a web client portal for secure file sharing, branded with your company logo, color scheme, and URL. Access to files is based on Active Directory security and NTFS permissions out of the box. Instantly enable secure File Sharing with remote access to Windows File Shares. Should you wish, additional security features can be easily activated including Data Loss Prevention and Two Factor Authentication.

Other advantages include:

  • Superior Protocols
  • Web-based Secure Access
  • Secure Access in Windows Desktop Environment
  • Beyond Secure File-Sharing & Remote Access