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OpenGov is the leader in budgeting and performance for the public sector whose mission is to power a more effective and accountable government. We offer three easy-to-use cloud-based software solutions that transform how governments budget, measure performance, and engage the public. With OpenGov, agencies can make more informed decisions and drive better outcomes for the public.


OpenGov Cloud – Modern Budgeting, Performance, Communications and Reporting for Government

The OpenGov Cloud – a multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution that connects stakeholders to the budget process, aligns budget dollars to performance goals, accurately forecasts workforce costs, and integrates with key government systems – resulting in improved outcomes and enhanced internal efficiencies.

OpenData – the next generation of Open Data, where OpenGov’s comprehensive open data and financial transparency solutions help agencies of all sizes drive accountability, make data more useful, engage the public, and unlock economic potential.