Samanage delivers a cloud-based service management platform that helps organizations by believing in service management innovation and delivering solutions that drive productivity and operational performance. Samanage is a user-friendly service desk that places an emphasis on the experience of both the requestor and service provider ultimately empowering the organization to make better, more data-driven decisions.


Samanage Service Platform makes a big impact to every single employee at your organization. Now, employees have a one-stop shop for all of the resources and services that your team provides, with complete transparency into the status of every requests. With the help of innovative technology, your technicians can quickly resolve issues, leading to increased employee satisfaction and productivity.

The best part? Samanage isn’t limited to just IT. Every department within your organization can collaborate and offer services within a single platform. This will allow you to unify departments that support complex processes like employee onboarding, removing bottlenecks, and creating a seamless experience for the employee. That’s why Samanage is the most reviewed and highest rated IT service management solution, trusted by thousands of organizations and millions of users worldwide.

  • ITSM Software – With a cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) software, you can simplify and automate daily IT tasks to enable everyone in your organization to focus on driving business value.

  • ITIL Ready - Ensure your IT services and the business needs of your organization are always aligned by implementing ITIL best practices, including problem, change, and incident management.

  • Computer Inventory - Easily control your technology landscape and keep track of every IT asset within your organization, from where the assets are located to how they are being used and who’s using them.

  • IT Service Desk – Gives your employees the ability to easily submit tickets and requests, while providing your IT staff with a tool that support consistent services.

  • Microsoft Audit – Keep your software license up to date with license compliance management so that you are prepared before a Microsoft Audit pops up.

  • IT Audit – Reduce IT costs, ensure software compliance, improve productivity, and more by easily and regularly auditing your organization’s IT assets.