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Solarwinds ITSM




Solarwinds, who recently acquired Samanage, delivers a cloud-based service management platform that helps organizations by believing in service management innovation and delivering solutions that drive productivity and operational performance. Samanage is a user-friendly service desk that places an emphasis on the experience of both the requestor and service provider ultimately empowering the organization to make better, more data-driven decisions.


With SolarWinds Service Desk you have one place to streamline and organize the tickets and requests that are coming in through different mediums, including email, phone calls, a customized Service Portal, and even the occasional (or extremely frequent) walk up.

Fully integrated IT asset management capabilities allow you to capture over 200 data points and continually monitor your computer and server inventory within the SolarWinds Service Desk, and gain a consolidated view on what is loaded on the devices, who owns them, and where they are located.

    Key Features

  • Incident management consolidates, manages, and prioritizes incoming tickets.

  • Service catalog standardizes service request and fullfillment processes.

  • Fully integrated IT asset management compiles hardware, software, POs, and more.

  • Service portal for users to have a single place to submit tickets and requests