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Trifacta is focused on providing software that helps individuals and organizations more efficiently explore, transform and join together diverse data for analysis. Whether you’re working with files on your desktop, disparate data in the cloud or within large-scale data lake environments, Trifacta will accelerate the process of getting data ready to use.

Successful analysis relies upon accurate, well-structured data that has been formatted for the specific needs of the task at hand. Yet, today’s data is bigger and more complex than ever before. It’s time-consuming and technically challenging to wrangle it into a format for analysis. Data wrangling is the process you must undergo to transition raw data source inputs into prepared outputs to be utilized in analysis and various other business purposes.


At Trifacta, we’re focused on the most inefficient and time-consuming aspect of any data project – cleaning and preparation. Whether your agency is kicking off a new ML/AI initiative or trying to improve the speed and accuracy of analytics, Trifacta’s data preparation platform can ensure the success of your mission. Trifacta has proven past performance across the IC, Defense and Civilian agencies spanning a wide variety of use cases with production level ATO’s.

    Improve Finance Operations: More quickly understand spend allocation and determine budgeting for your agency. With Trifacta, you can improve the efficiency and accuracy of bringing together many diverse data sources for financial reporting.

    Accelerate Research Initatives: Advanced research projects require a variety of new and complex data sources. With Trifacta, it’s easy to prepare data of all shapes and sizes to more effectively incorporate it into research initiatives for faster and more impactful results.

    Detect Fraud: Government agencies are constantly battling fraud, which can account for billions in lost revenue. Trifacta has had proven success in helping every government sector quickly identify and respond to fraud with more efficient data wrangling.